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Salzwelten in Austria. Guide in English in Germany and Austria. Tourism in Germany and Austria.

Salzwelten – The oldest salt mine in the world

Have you ever imagined touring the oldest salt mine in the world, learning about its operations and fascinating details? This is possible at Salzwelten, located in Hallstatt, Austria. Just an hour fro […]

Oktoberfest – The world’s largest beer festival

Image above by Hans Lohrmann from Pixabay

The world’s largest beer festival is in Germany! Oktoberfest takes place annually in Munich. This event is filled with Bavarian culture, attracting m […]

The main Bavarian cities in Germany

Bavaria is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful states in Germany. Here, you’ll find natural beauty with the Alps and lakes, castles and palaces, and charming cities that resemble fairy tale mo […]