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Beautiful Bavarian works

The state of Bavaria is sumptuous, full of castles, palaces, cultures, and beautiful architectural works.

Bayern or Bavaria?

After all, what is the real name of the state? “Bayern” is what he is called in the country, in the local language, German. “Bavaria” is the version in both, Latin and English. So when it comes to the state, Bavaria is right.

Bavarian Attractions

Margravial Opera House

The Margravial opera house, located in Bayreuth, is considered the most beautiful baroque theater in Europe. This beautiful work was built between 1746 and 1750, with the project of the theater architect Giuseppe Galli Bibiena, inspired by the largest opera houses in Vienna and Dresden. The visitor will be able to experience the exact sensation and acoustics that the visitors of the past, since the same structure, with the canvas and wood canvases used, have remained in place since that time. The exquisite paintings, ornaments, sandstone facades, and painted illusionist canvases create a unique atmosphere.

Margravial Opera House. Source: Wikipedia. Author: Dbopp.

Pilgrimage Church of Wieskirche

In Steingaden, 1738, a peasant woman reported seeing tears from the eyes of the Jesus statue on the scourging pole. From this fact, the number of pilgrims grew, and then architect Dominikus Zimmermann, built the church to be a place of worship for pilgrims. Visitors are enchanted by the beauty of the Rococo church, its colorful paintings make them travel through the stories that are told in them. About 1 million people from all over the world come to the church every year, including many pilgrims. This church ended up being one of the greatest works of the architect, who died next to it.

Pilgrimage Church of Wieskirche, Steingaden.

Walhalla Temple

At the behest of King Ludwig I, architect Leo von Klenze built a hall of fame for the main important personalities in German history. Over the Danube valley, inspired by the Greek Parthenon in Athens, Walhalla steals the eye of anyone who sees it. If on the outside he is already impressive, on the inside he is even more so. An imposing hall clad in marble and with 130 busts 2,665 plaques, which represent the great names that were important to the country’s history. In addition, the landscape of the curves of the Danube and the green surrounding the Walhalla make the place even more special.

Walhalla Temple, Regensburg.

Würzburg Residence

The site was home to the Princes-Bishop of Würzburg, built between 1720 and 1744, today it is one of the most important Baroque palaces in Europe. The architecture of the palace is a synthesis of the arts of the universality of different styles, such as the French castle, the Baroque of the works of Vienna, and the religious architecture of northern Italy, how can it not be unique and surprising? The magnificent interior part of the palace has 40 rooms open to the public with different types of paintings, furniture, and original objects from the period. The Würzburg Residence was destroyed by air strikes at the end of World War II, with only a few areas left that were not so badly affected, and much of the furniture that had been moved to another location and escaped destruction. After this event, the place was restored over the years, reproducing its original shape. Luckily for us, the reconstruction of the residence, which cost about 20 million euros, has been completed and is an admirable achievement.

Würzburg Residence, Würzburg.

Coburg Fortress

Also called the “Crown of Franconia”, with its imposing walls, the Coburg Fort is located at the top of the city that bears its name. First mentioned in 1056, the castle is considered one of the largest in Germany. Great names have already passed through the fortress, like Luther, who did the translation of the bible on the spot. Valuable treasures from past centuries are stored in the building, as collections of arts, hunting weapons, and chariots, much of which was originally acquired by the Dukes of Coburg. Walking around the Coburg fortress is like an unforgettable historic trip.

Coburg Fortress, Coburg.

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