Category: Germanic

Limeseum: the borders of the Roman Empire.

For those interested in the great history of Roman civilization and its achievements, the Limeseum museum is a fascinating attraction, located in Wittelshofen, Bavaria. The museum was built in the Limes region which was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005. What is Limes? The name Limes comes from Latin and was given […]

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Walhalla, a Greek temple in Germany.

Walhalla, the German Parthenon, is located in a majestic position above the Danube, close to Regensburg. This neoclassical building in the shape of a temple represents one of the most important and beautiful German monuments of the XIX century. Perhaps you have already heard this name, because Walhalla, would be the “paradise” according to Norse […]

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Beautiful Bavarian works

The state of Bavaria is sumptuous, full of castles, palaces, cultures, and beautiful architectural works. Bayern or Bavaria? After all, what is the real name of the state? “Bayern” is what he is called in the country, in the local language, German. “Bavaria” is the version in both, Latin and English. So when it comes […]

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