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Fairytale Route – Majestic Germany Interview.

“Es war einmal …” (in German, “Once upon a time …”). About 200 years ago, brothers Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm started an arduous work of formation and structuring the German language as we know it today. In addition to Grammar, they dedicated themselves to the elaboration of a dictionary, which they did not manage to […]

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Neuschwanstein Palace – Majestic Germany Interview

The palace, commonly called Neuschwanstein castle, is an icon of romantic Germany around the world. Also known as “Cinderella’s Castle” and for the aura of mystery that surrounds King Ludwig II, there are many stories and curiosities surrounding the Neuschwanstein, one of Germany’s most visited tourist attractions. Our interview is with Mr. Prost, director of […]

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German Castles Association (DBV) – Germany Travel Interview

With more than 25,000 castles, Germany is an unmissable destination for those who admire these beautiful buildings and medieval history. But in order for this historical and cultural heritage to be preserved, Deutsche Burgenvereinigung – DBV (German Association of Castles, in Portuguese) does a Herculean job, cataloging castles and ruins across Germany. Our interview is […]

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