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The Alps

The immense mountains that cut central Europe fascinate with its grandiosity and mark a whole culture and lifestyle of the regions where they are located. The Alps are the highest and most extensive mountain ranges in Europe, spanning several countries: southern Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Liechtenstein, France and Monaco. The Alps range […]

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Romantic Road – what to know?

The name is cute and attractive – but what is really worth knowing about the famous Romantic Route? Small towns with colorful houses, some in stone, others in half-timbered. A path that begins at the foot of the Alps and ends in the heart of Franconia, in northern Bavaria. About 300 km takes the traveler […]

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Located in southern Swabia, close to Bavaria, is the Allgäu region, which also covers part of its territory Baden-Württemberg and Austria. Allgäu is known for its Alps, green pastures, palaces, and castles. It is also a very popular holiday destination among Germans, due to the variety of activity options and climate prone to rest and […]

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