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We create your dream vacation

More than an incoming luxury travel agency, we design the whole itinerary, the way you dream of. Our trips are all custom-made to the needs of each traveler. We take care of you and every detail of your trip, to make your dream vacation come true.


We are a boutique travel agency – no excursions or travel packges. Each traveler is unique, with their dreams, needs, and possibilities. Which cities and attractions you are going to visit, how long your itinerary will be, which experiences you wish for your vacation – everything is thought and done with you and for you, from the scratch.

All of our trips are completely personalized and private, with total flexibility. Made for you and your family according to your tastes and interests.

We take care of everything from your arrival in Germany to your departure with guided tours, unique experiences, accommodation in unique places and of course a lot of affection, attention and professionalism.


More than city tours, our private tours take the traveler to discover the best of each destination. Either by foot or with private driver, our tailor-made tours are designed to be the most flexible and comfortable experience to you.

On our trips through Germany, you will be guided by experienced tour guides, with vast historical knowledge, and, mostly important, who care about you. It is not to fulfill a schedule, but to take you on an unforgettable trip. Believe me: it makes the whole difference!


VIP Welcome at Frankfurt Airport

Our travelers can count on two types of transfers.

  • Classic transfer: pick-up service by professional drivers, with total discretion and punctuality, who will serve you in the best executive vehicles. Also with the possibility of meet and greet at the gate exit.
  • VIP welcome: for boarding and disembarking at the airport, we offer the VIP welcome service where you will be welcomed by an English-speaking guide, as soon as you leave the plane, and taken to a special sector of the airport: a comfortable lounge where you will do all immigration procedures in a separete area, without lines, while waiting for the luggage. Available at Frankfurt, Munich and Zurich airports.


Provide memorable trips through local experiences. Sensorial experiences, such as gastronomy, sports, tourist attractions, or emotional ones, such as visits to important places in the traveller’s life, movie locations, or landmark places in history.


For long-term trips, our Habitat experience is the best choice! Feel at home in Germany, with our service that combines accommodation in a super personalized apartment, 24h assistance, courses, tours and local experiences – all organized by us.

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