15 days

Now if you have more time available, it is possible to know much more about Germany, mixing small towns and large urban centers, combining the great routes and attractions with experiences in small towns with a lot of local tradition, getting to know Germany and its customs.

If you want to experience driving convertibles or other cars from Germany’s big automakers, it’s also possible. We will give all the support necessary for the experience to be a reality with all the safety and comfort, providing all the necessary reservations, city tours, and permanent contact for any need.

Day 1 – Arrival in Frankfurt and departure to Würzburg, the first city on the Romantic Route.
Day 2, 3, and 4 – Tour through the cities of the Romantic Road, taking the way to Munich. On these days, travelers can have experiences such as watching falconry shows, experiences for children, and visiting traditional breweries, such as the peculiar smoked beer.
Day 5 – Departure to Stuttgart, visiting the museums of the great German automakers, where travelers will start the part of the itinerary called “Cabrio Tour”, where, with all our support, they will drive their own vehicle, convertible or not, in the beautiful landscapes that will come next.
Day 6 – Tour the most famous city in the Black Forest, Baden-Baden, the city known for its historic thermal baths that enchanted the Roman emperors, with the experience of visiting one of the most famous spas in the city.
Day 7 – Today will be the day to meet the wonderful South of Germany, where great surprises await, along with a pleasant and inviting climate. Arriving in the Lake Constance region, travelers will settle into their hotel and then experience the riviera atmosphere as they stroll along the promenade of the most fashionable town on the lake, with its many options for shops, restaurants, local musicians, and entertainment.
Day 8 – Tour in the cities of Lake Constance, with a ride in an airship, an unforgettable experience, flying over the large lake on the border of Switzerland and Austria with a panoramic view.
Day 9 – Time to return the vehicles and go with the driver guide for the final stretch of the trip! Crossing the border, travelers will take a pleasant train or car ride to Zurich, where they will learn a little more about the most famous Swiss city, participate in a chocolate workshop, and at the end of the day, return to Lake Constance.
Dy 10 – Time to visit the small towns of the Alps, but on the way, stop to visit Neuschwanstein Palace, in a very special private tour.
Day 11 and 12- Travelers will discover the Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany, where they can practice winter sports such as skiing, or just ride the panoramic cable cars with one of the most impressive views of the Alps. The next day, they’ll explore even more the small towns hidden among the mountains, on cog railway rides.
Day 13 – Last city to stay: Munich! Capital of Bavaria, with all its tradition, traditional costumes, Biergarten, and of course Bavarian cuisine and beer! A tour of the city, knowing its main points, and a visit to the best local brewery, with beer with pretzels tasting!
Day 14 – Crossing the border again! Now it’s time to discover Salzburg, in Austria, and its beautiful fortress above the city. Known for being the hometown of Mozart, which was also the setting for the classic movie “The Sound of Music”.
Day 15 – Last day of travel! But travelers won’t leave until after an amazing farewell lunch at a traditional brewery! Afterward, transfer to the airport!

Remembering that these itineraries are just a sample of what we can offer, there are many possibilities for itineraries, services, and experiences for our travelers, and everything will be customized for you.

Contact us! We will be happy to prepare the trip of your dreams!