Convertible Car Road Trip

Traveling on Germany’s most romantic roads is a dream. If German cars are synonymous with efficiency and timelessness, the highways that cross the country, without tolls and in many sections, without speed limits, complement the experience for driving enthusiasts. Autobahn, the name given to German highways, needs no translation, as they have become a singularity and even an attraction for visitors.

Imagine driving these roads in convertible vehicles of German brands (of course!)

Personalized cap for a group of Brazilians who took our cabrio tour.

On the Cabrio Tour – The Convertible Tour, we will guide you through the most beautiful roads, the most charming castles, and the most picturesque cities, on a unique route throughout Germany.

The versatility of the convertible allows the traveler to explore the side roads, closer to the natural landscapes, since on these roads the speed is limited. Thus, with the hood open and driving more calmly, both the driver and the companion can see and feel the environment better. On the Autobahn, the closed hood is recommended, because even though the aerodynamics in the vehicle allow passengers not to feel the external air flow, the closed car provides a greater feeling of comfort and safety.

In fact, safety, both on the road and in cities, is another factor that makes it possible to travel in a convertible in Germany.



The itinerary can follow our initial suggestion or can be customized according to the number of days available and travelers’ itinerary preferences. The trip can be done entirely in a convertible, driven by the traveler, or partially, so that you have the experience for just a few days and on others, continue the trip with a guide and driver.


In addition to the freedom and mobility experience allowed on a convertible trip, other attractions can be added to personalize your trip, such as:

  • castle accommodation
  • wine tasting and a visit to wineries
  • sports track steering
  • private guided tours of historic sites and cultural attractions
  • local cuisine and according to the preferences of the traveler
  • Picnic



Best time of the year: from April to October, when there are no extremely cold temperatures, the trip can be better used. However, nothing prevents you from enjoying a trip or convertible ride during the colder months, as the vehicle’s heating system eases the thermal sensation. However, for driving in the snow, there are rules that must be observed and for this reason, we recommend the Cabrio between the months of April to October.


For added convenience, during the convertible journey, a support car for suitcases and other needs is made available to the traveler throughout the journey.



If you want a unique experience in Germany, contact us, we will be happy to make your dream come true.