What is a personalized trip?

When traveling to a country whose language is not familiar to you, it is common to beat that insecurity, even with all the planning before the trip. As detailed as the script is, you are always alert thinking not to get lost, or if you will be able to see this and that place that everyone said is cool (and getting there, it wasn’t all that). Not to mention that an unforeseen event can always happen and you don’t know what to do in that situation, in a place where they don’t speak your language.

But what if you had someone accompanying you, in your language, to take you to the best places, show the tips that only locals know and could still advise you in unforeseen situations, or even when buying that product that you only have in this country, but you didn’t understand anything that is on the label? What if you had the company of, more than a tour guide, a private guide? And more than that, having that feeling of getting somewhere, with the security of seeing your name, with the table ready waiting for you, a cheerful reception and a person who understands you and knows what you need, so that you can relax and enjoy.

Discover incredible places, with time to enjoy and the security of accompanying the local guide. Rhine Valley, Germany

That’s where personalized tourism comes in.

For a long time, the image of the guidebook held a flag, followed by that huge group of tourists and their cameras. Especially in the most famous destinations, it is common to see this form of mass tourism. However, many travelers already follow another philosophy and prefer a more exclusive trip, without timed tours and busy itineraries.

Today, the trend is now increasingly focused on personalized tourism, local experiences, the quality of travel and not the number of cities visited and check-ins on social networks.

Jayme Monjardim on his second visit to Germany with us

The right professionals

Two important factors for the success of a personalized trip are the agency that prepares the itinerary, and the guide. The agency must know the destination to be visited, its cultural peculiarities, distances and regional differences, to say the least. Without this baggage, the traveler may be surprised by unexpected and even uncomfortable situations, due to a pure lack of information on the part of the agent. In addition, careful organization is the differential so that the traveler does not have to worry about details. The private guide also plays a key role, with his local knowledge, language, culture and, of course, history.

Personalized tourism is not just about guided tours, but all the services organized for the arrival and stay of travelers, accompanied or not, but always duly advised.

For this reason, personalized tourism has become the best option for those seeking a more exclusive, dedicated and quality service, in which the most important are the use of the traveler’s time and local experiences, with the security of professional accompaniment in the language. maternal.

Our Convertible Tour of Germany, Austria and Switzerland

In what we can help you in a personalized way:

– Service in Portuguese, for those who live and know Germany well

– Itineraries designed to make better use of available travel time

– Tours and activities adapted to the needs, tastes, age group and preferences of travelers

– Advice on choosing and booking hotels and ground transportation tickets

– Transfers and receptives in executive vehicles, with professional and licensed drivers

– Accompaniment by a Brazilian guide during all or part of the trip

– Concierge service for travelers

– Private guided tours for you and your group

– Cultural tourism and local experiences, with guide in Portuguese

– Corporate tourism

If you are looking to know Germany in a personalized way, with service in Portuguese and differentiated and exclusive services, get in touch.


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