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Stay in a real palace!

Accommodation in a real palace!

Germany has a robust hotel chain in all categories, where the traveler will easily find an option wherever they want. From luxurious hotels, to the most economical ones, just to spend the night, not just in the big urban centers.

However, some travelers wish to have an even more special experience when choosing the place to spend their days and nights of rest, and it is at this moment that Germany, once again, stands out, with its palaces, castles and historic buildings that today receive travelers, opening their doors.

These establishments, although they were built, some of them hundreds of years ago, offer the comfort of today, not enjoyed by its inhabitants in the past, where today we can contemplate them with higher quality. Heating, internet, among others, the traveler will be able to enjoy this meeting of the past with the present in the best way.

We at Viagem Germany are passionate about history, especially castles and palaces. In 2020, Rafaella and Raphael, founders of Viagem Germany, moved to a palace, where our office is also located, located in Gutenzell-Hürbel, in the state of Baden-Württemberg. The beautiful baroque-style palace will complete its 500th anniversary in 2021, being built to be the home of the Freyberg Family.

2020: our new office, in an XVIII century palace in southern Germany.

Close to the Romantic Route, to the incredible cathedral of Ulm, it is a great place to host travelers who wish to make an itinerary out of the obvious, exploring the countryside and its beauties. For this, we selected two complete apartments inside the palace, to share with our dear travelers the experience of living in this historic building.

If you want to stay in one of the apartments, click on the links below.

2 bedrooms – “Maisonette 1521”:



1 bedroom – “Stork Nest”:



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