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5 special attractions in Hamburg

Northern Germany has its unique beauty, culture, and charms, and the city that stands out in this region is certainly Hamburg. This important port city has attractions for all tastes: museums, shops of famous international brands, great restaurants, an urban center, and proximity to charming towns. In addition to attracting travelers who are embarking and […]

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The tradition of Christmas decorations in Germany.

Christmas is an anxiously awaited time for many and that its atmosphere is magical is undeniable. However, little is known about the origin of such traditions, and Germany is present in this theme. On December 24th we celebrated the life of the baby Jesus, the day of his birth, and to prepare for this very […]

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Traveling with children to Germany.

When you have children, the first concerns before traveling are: “Will our children like it?”, “Will we find legal activities for them?”. Therefore, we have selected some activities for children in Germany. Surely not only your child will like it! Germany alone pleases children, with castles, tasty food, and spectacular scenery, but there are some […]

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