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The Alps

The immense mountains that cut central Europe fascinate with its grandiosity and mark a whole culture and lifestyle of the regions where they are located. The Alps are the highest and most extensive mountain ranges in Europe, spanning several countries: southern Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Liechtenstein, France and Monaco. The Alps range […]

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Rhine River: a walk through history and the contemplation of nature

One of the main rivers in Europe, the Rhine, brings with its legends, mysteries, but also prosperity, in a route that crosses the most beautiful landscapes of Central Europe. Beginning in Switzerland, near the city of Basel, the Rhine runs its course towards Germany. Sometimes it comes up against France and flows into the North […]

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Germany x Switzerland: Why not both?

Undoubtedly, these two countries are great choices when traveling, but many travelers miss the opportunity to get to know one another when visiting the other. In addition to being neighboring countries, both have points in common, such as the German language, which is also spoken in many regions of Switzerland. Both countries offer great infrastructure […]

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